For more than a decade, we’ve been quietly building an endowment for our children.

To relieve the pressure on St. Mary’s Catholic School to continuously raise money for its own day-to-day operations, the Foundation is gradually assuming those duties. Currently, the school’s own fundraising addresses the immediate needs of operation, but as those funds go directly to the schools budget, they are not being invested for long-term benefits.

Once the Foundation is able to sustain the school in the long term, the school’s independent fundraising efforts can be directed toward academic initiatives and special project drives, such as new playground equipment, technology, or field trips.

The Giving Power of Immediate Need Donations vs. Endowment Fund Donations

Immediate Need Donation

You generously give $100.

Your $100 helps a disadvantaged child access a quality, Catholic education that will affect him or her for a lifetime.


Your $100 replaces a few burned out light bulbs at St. Mary’s, enabling the school building’s day-to-day operations to support the students’ learning.

Endowment Fund Donation

You generously give $100.

Your $100 is added to the Foundation’s growing endowment fund and invested wisely.

Since it is invested (and not immediately spent), your $100 earns interest in perpetuity. A percentage of the interest earned by your $100 is given to St. Mary’s annually. Your original $100 stays with the principal and is never spent.

Over the years, as the endowment grows, the interest earned by your original $100 is spent on helping many students access a quality, Catholic education, or purchasing many light bulbs—potentially affecting countless children in the future.

General, Scholarship and Administrative Funds

The Foundation’s endowment grows and maintains a general fund, a scholarship fund, and an administrative fund. The general fund and scholarship fund support St. Mary’s Catholic School so that it will continue to grow and be affordable to those who attend. The administrative fund provides for the expense of operating the Foundation itself. Undesignated gifts to the Foundation are split 70% to the general fund, 25% to the scholarship fund, and 5% to the administrative fund.


The General Fund seeks to support the general operations of St. Mary’s. This fund helps with the cost of books, supplies, teacher and staff salaries and benefits, utilities, maintenance, and improvements.


The Scholarship Fund seeks to assist qualified students and their families with tuition. The school awards the actual scholarships from the grant given them by the Foundation, enabling children to access an affordable, faith-based education.


The Administrative Fund supports the day-to-day operations of the Foundation including general administrative, bookkeeping, and marketing expenses.