We are a passionate organization dedicated to ensuring a quality education.

The St. Mary’s School Foundation was established in 2004 and has been quietly raising money to build an endowment to support the general operations and tuition assistance programs of St. Mary’s Catholic School.


In 2012, the Foundation reached an important threshold of surpassing over $200,000 in its endowments. This enabled it to make the first of many donations to St. Mary’s Catholic School.


Since then, we have been able to gift over $70,000 to the school.

Today, the Foundation is evolving. We’ve made a commitment to the school, and we’re prepared to take the next step on our journey toward our goal. Until now, we’ve been focused on completing the long, arduous process of establishing an endowment. It’s time to intensify our fundraising efforts to nurture that endowment. We hope you’ll help us grow our endowment and make a positive impact on Cheyenne’s future.

Who We Are

The Board of Directors consists of the three Pastors of the Cheyenne Catholic parishes, and two to eight members nominated and elected by the Board, serving two year terms not to exceed six terms of twelve years. The Foundation also has a Development Director to assist its work. If you’re interested in joining the Board, please contact us.

Thomas E. Cronkleton, Jr.


Father Tom Cronkleton is an ex-officio board member by virtue of being pastor of the Church of the Holy Trinity, and is President of the Foundation. Fr. Cronkleton has been an ordained priest for nearly 30 years. Along with Bishop David Ricken, Father Gary Ruzicka, Ann Redman and Mike Reese, he helped establish the St. Mary’s School Foundation.

He was blessed with a Catholic grade school formation in various schools in Iowa and Laramie. He is a firm believer in the benefits of Catholic schools.


August Koeune, Jr.


Father Koeune, Jr. is the pastor of St. Mary’s Cathedral and oversees the administration of St. Mary’s School. He has been on the Foundation’s board since 2012. Fr. Koeune previously helped establish a foundation board for the Catholic school in Casper.

He has worked with Catholic schools in Wyoming since 2001. He brings a lot of insight and experience to the board. He realizes the future of Catholic schools needs a strong Catholic identity, and a financial foundation to secure their future.

Carl Gallinger


Rev. Carl Gallinger is a member of the board of directors. He is pastor of St. Joseph’s Parish and Vicar General for the Diocese of Cheyenne.

He brings to his Foundation work twenty-six years of experience being a priest for the Diocese of Cheyenne, sharing in the responsibility of sound financial practices for parishes, the diocese and other non-profit organizations.

David Johnson

Vice- President,

David was born in Cheyenne and eventually moved to Rock Springs where he attended public school. When he moved back to Cheyenne in 1961, he married Patricia Menghini. David and Pat have one son, a daughter-in-law and two grandchildren.

David has been a member of St. Mary’s Cathedral for 54 years. During this time his ministry includes being co-chair for the construction of Hartmann Hall and Priest’s residence; President of Parish Council in the 1970s and Council Member in 2000; St. Mary’s Parish Trustee; Co-Lay-Chairman for the construction of the new St. Mary’s Catholic School; Lay-Chairman for the Restoration of St. Mary’s Cathedral to its Gothic integrity; Member of Parish Finance Council; Member of Diocesan Olivet Cemetery Committee; Chairman of Columbarium development; and Superintendent of the Diocese of Cheyenne Schools.

David has also served the State of Wyoming. He was a teacher and administrator in public schools for 33 years; employee and administrator at Wyoming State Archives and Historical Department and the State Health Department. David has also worked for the Union Pacific Railroad, as a truck driver, an oil field worker and as a Paratrooper with the 82nd Airborne Division.

Connie Janney


Connie, an alumna of St. Mary’s Catholic School and the University of Wyoming, is married to Rod Janney, a retired employee of the State of Wyoming and LCCC. Both of their children, Paul and Jennifer, are graduates of St. Mary’s Catholic School.

Connie worked for Seton Catholic High School from 1980 to 1983. In 1983, she took the position of Finance Officer for the Cathedral of St. Mary and held that position until 2007. She was hired in 2015 by Michl McGee as the accountant and, as of November 2019, assumed the position of Finance Officer at the Cathedral of St. Mary. 

Keith Zabka


Keith currently serves as the Foundation Secretary. He hopes bringing his 31 years of business experience will add knowledge and donation contacts to the Foundation. He has also held other volunteer positions for Warren FCU Board, Cheyenne Mustangs Board and is currently on the Governors Wyoming Workforce Development Council. He is a big supporter of our local Laramie County Community College.

Keith’s daughter Brooke attended St. Mary’s School and he attended Catholic grade school at Bishop Hogan in Missouri. He believes we need to dedicate our efforts to the increase of teachers’ salaries and the future financial security of the school.

Cathy Stoughton


Cathy and her family moved to Cheyenne in 1980 and are members of Holy Trinity Parish. Her son attended St Mary’s School and currently lives in Colorado with his wife and three children. Cathy taught computer courses at LCCC until 2011. Since retiring she has  served on the Holy Trinity Parish Council, is an active in HTCCW and PEO chapter, and is also on the board of St. Vincent DePaul.

Cathy was raised in a family that strongly believed in Catholic education, and her dad was on the founding board of her hometown’s first Catholic high school. She attended Catholic schools all her life, graduating from Marquette University.

Jenny Craig


Jenny and her husband have one daughter who is a graduate of St. Mary’s Catholic School. Jenny and her family know firsthand the gift of spiritual and educational development the St. Mary’s Catholic School offers.

Jenny has been a member of the Board since 2015. She has also served on the St. Mary’s Catholic School PTO as well as the St. Mary’s School Advisory Board.

She is a civic minded member of the Cheyenne community, having served on the Board of Directors of the Friday Food Bags Foundation, Mia Maria Lodge of the Order Sons of Italy in America, Cheyenne Family YMCA and the Ewing T. Kerr American Inn of Court.

Jenny is honored to help ensure that future generations of children can experience the benefit of a strong Catholic education.

Debra Hoblit–Hirsig


Debbie has had the honor of teaching at St. Mary’s Catholic School. She taught K–6 in a behavior modification classroom, using Fr. Flanagan’s model for teaching social skills. Debbie also taught in a regular public school classroom and worked with underprivileged single-parent children and families as well.

Debbie is married and has two daughters, 19 and 23. She is passionately Catholic and has seen the benefits of raising two daughters in our beautiful and rich faith. She is honored and excited to be a part of an organization striving to ensure continued teaching of our gospel values and academic excellence.

Mary Carroll


Mary and her husband have been members of St. Mary’s Parish for many years. 

They have two sons who attended and graduated from St. Mary’s Catholic School. During that time, Mary was a President of the PTO. Mary has been a longtime supporter of St. Mary’s Catholic School, taking part in many school activities and fundraising efforts.

Mary was Owner/Broker of an International Real Estate Franchise and an active Real Estate Agent for many years. She was Past President of the Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce and is presently a member.

She is also a member of and on the Board of Directors of the Air Force Association for F.E. Warren Air Force Base, and presently a member of Rotary International Service Club. Mary has been a member of Cheyenne LEADS since its inception. 

Mary believes in the values of a Catholic education, knowing these values will be a great asset to each student of St. Mary’s Catholic School all of their lives. The personal attention given, the engrained moral values and concern for every individual are all qualities students learn at St. Mary’s.

Ken Dugas


Ken attended St. Mary’s Catholic School from the first grade through his senior year in high school, graduating in 1977. He’s a member of the Church of St. Mary and has previously served on its Parish Council. Ken and his wife Susan have both volunteered as CCD teachers.

Ken graduated from the University of Wyoming with a degree in accounting in 1981. He and Susan started dating in high school at St. Mary’s and have shared their lives with each other ever since. They have two sons, Bryan and Cody.

Ken is a partner at the Cheyenne CPA firm MHP LLP. He has served on the boards of United Way of Laramie County, Cheyenne LEADS, the Kiwanis Club of Cheyenne, the Knights of Columbus, the Wyoming Society of CPAs, the Early Education Partnership and the Cheyenne Depot Museum Foundation.


Ken brings his accounting and tax experience to the Foundation, adding to the financial oversight for the board and the foundation’s investors.

Beth Thompson


Beth and her husband Troy Thompson live in Cheyenne. Troy is an alumnus of St. Mary’s Catholic School, owns his veterinary clinic and is a Laramie County Commissioner. Beth and Troy have 6 children whom have all attended St. Mary’s Catholic School.  

Beth is the Marketing Director at St. Mary’s Catholic School. She has been at the school for 8 years and is in charge of the school’s four major fundraisers: the Golf Tournament, Foundation Breakfast, Holiday Wine Fest and the Fanfare for Education event.



St. Mary’s Catholic School

Established as an educational ministry in 1884, the school exists to strengthen and pass on the values and teachings of the Catholic faith. As a separate but supportive organization, the St. Mary’s School Foundation is gradually assuming all fundraising duties to fund the school’s long-term operations and tuition assistance program.

Cheyenne Parishes

The Diocese of Cheyenne encompasses 36 parishes in the entire state of Wyoming. The city of Cheyenne is home to three parishes, as well as the Catholic chapel at FE Warren AFB.