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A group of kids sitting on the floor smiling at the camera

Building Our Future:

Celebrating 140 Years and Beyond

Help us build the endowment and support for Catholic education in Cheyenne.

Encouraging spiritual, intellectual and moral
growth in our children and our community.


St. Mary’s School Foundation is growing its endowment and raising funds to support St. Mary’s Catholic School in Cheyenne, Wyoming. From our endowment each year, a portion of the return from the endowment funds are donated to St. Mary’s to be used for general operations, including the cost of books, teacher and staff salaries and benefits, utilities, maintenance, improvements, and more. We also provide funds for tuition assistance for the school to award scholarships and financial aid to families in Cheyenne.

The Foundation supports the long-term needs of the School so St. Mary’s Catholic School is able to focus on what is most important: the children.

Join us in investing in our children’s minds and souls!

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What We Do

Raising money through an endowment for St. Mary’s Catholic School helps alleviate pressure on the school to independently fundraise. Our continuing financial support enables the school to keep running and provides children access an affordable, faith-based education.

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Make a Difference

Help our endowment grow and make a positive impact of the futures of our children and our community! You can choose to support the Foundation through the type of donation that’s right for you.