We are a passionate organization dedicated to ensuring a quality education.

The St. Mary’s School Foundation was established in 2004 and has been quietly raising money to build an endowment to support the general operations and tuition assistance programs of St. Mary’s Catholic School.


In 2012, the Foundation reached an important threshold of surpassing over $200,000 in its endowments. This enabled it to make the first of many donations to St. Mary’s Catholic School.


Since then, we have been able to gift over $53,000 to the school.

Today, the Foundation is evolving. We’ve made a commitment to the school, and we’re prepared to take the next step on our journey toward our goal. Until now, we’ve been focused on completing the long, arduous process of establishing an endowment. It’s time to intensify our fundraising efforts to nurture that endowment. We hope you’ll help us grow our endowment and make a positive impact on Cheyenne’s future.

Board Members and Development Director

The Board of Directors consists of the three Pastors of the Cheyenne Catholic parishes, and two to eight members nominated and elected by the Board, serving two year terms not to exceed six terms of twelve years. The Foundation also has a Development Director to assist its work. If you’d like to join the Board, please contact Beth Thompson at thompson@stmaryswyo.org about upcoming openings.


St. Mary’s Catholic School

Established as an educational ministry in 1884, the school exists to strengthen and pass on the values and teachings of the Catholic faith. As a separate but supportive organization, the St. Mary’s School Foundation is gradually assuming all fundraising duties to fund the school’s long-term operations and tuition assistance program.

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Cheyenne Parishes

The Diocese of Cheyenne encompasses 36 parishes in the entire state of Wyoming. The city of Cheyenne is home to three parishes, as well as the Catholic chapel at FE Warren AFB.


St. Mary’s Cathedral

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St. Joseph’s Catholic Church

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Church of the Holy Trinity

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Holy Family at FE Warren AFB

To learn more about the Catholic Church in the United States, please visit the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ website.